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6/01/2011 Read Comment
If you still think that earning money on the Internet is a really big scam or one should pay money in order to start making money with the help of a computer, I am here to show you how mistaken you are.

It is true, there are thousands of online scams and fraud websites, but if all of them were not legit, why would I spend my valuable time writing this article about a free way of earning money from home? Anyways, we are provided with several great work from home opportunities and most of them are free to get started with.

Associated Content is one of them, it is a free content submission website, which doesn’t ask people for money in order to give the ability to earn money, so how to get paid to write articles with Associated Content? Everything is pretty simple, let me give you some clues on how to get started with this website in several minutes.

If you don’t know what Associated Content is, I will give you a brief description for you, AC is a free information storage website, where talented writers share their articles and get money for their work. Basically, people make money by writing articles, they use their talents and knowledge, but the whole process is pretty simple.

First of all, you will have to register and start posting content. If you don’t know what you can possibly write about, check out the Calls for Content section, where a list of required articles is posted, if any of the topics are of interest to you, you can start doing the research for your article or start putting down information according to your knowledge.

One of the best questions about earning money with Associated Content is – “How do I make money with Associated Content?”. To tell the truth, you have two major ways of earning money with this article directory website, first of them is upfront payment system, which gives you a cash reward of $3-$10 for every article you publish (in order to be published the article needs to go through moderation).

This is a great way to get paid for your work done, but the fun part doesn’t stop here, there is an additional way of earning money with your articles, if you submissions get popular with the readers, you will receive money for every view your article gets (currently the rate is somewhere near $1.5 for every 1000 pageviews).

Anyways, if you can find great content of the Internet and base your articles on this, then you will be fine with earning money at Associated Content. This content sharing website pays money via PayPal cashout system, which is fast and secure. Good luck in making money by writing online, I do hope you like it.

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